Perspective (an original poem)

Everything is vivid

Everything, divine

It’s as though my eyes are seeing for the very first time

Even the leaves are beaming with purpose

That, for me, once went undetected

Perhaps what I call “seen” is more perspective.


7 thoughts on “Perspective (an original poem)

  1. Oh, I love this, its so good. And isn’t that how our life is with Christ? The more deeply we know Him the more vivid life becomes, full of meaning and perspective we didn’t see before. So glad you have visited me, left a comment. It is so good to find you.

    • Oh, thank you! I must say, it was a happy surprise when I finished reading your blog this morning and saw you were using the word prompt: “perspective”. I thought, “wow, I just posted a poem called ‘perspective’ yesterday!” How funny that I didn’t mention it and you found it? Thank you, again, both for the gift of your blog and visiting here!

  2. You just used a few words and said multitudes. To really *see*. Everything else is perspective. To know this.
    I loved reading your words here today. πŸ™‚

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