Our Thanksgiving Tree




Looking for God (#2091 and 2092 on my gratitude list)

I was looking for Him.  Wondering how in the world I would find Him in washing the bedding, vacuuming the floors, mothering so messily.  I knew He was here, He is “I Am”.  So, it must be possible to find Him.  I prayed silently for godly order in us as I put things in their places.  Thought of God’s patience and unfathomable love toward us as I pondered how many times I’ve washed the same garments, only to have them get dirty and need the washing again.  I thanked Him that He knew I’d need the continual washing to be of any use.  Thanked Him that He wasn’t surprised.  That He had a process for these sorts of things.  I prayed for the people who wore the clothes and played with the toys I put away.  I wondered how much passion could be put into laundry, and school, and…anything.

As I enfolded the mattress with the sheet corner, I saw a 3×5 card.  It was one of the eight we made that Beth Moore encouraged us to write as she led us through a study of Queen Esther.  We learned about some of the specific challenges God’s women might face, and how God could be the One to hold them.

On one side it said, “It’s tough being a woman who can balance passion with patience.”

The corresponding scripture on the other side was where I found Him, (#2091 on the gratitude list), “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion.  For the Lord is God of justice.  Blessed are all who wait for Him.” (Isaiah 30:18)

#2092- the folks who stopped to buy cold coffee from the 9 year old entrepeneur daughter in the wet grass with the rabbit cage table, and even gave a tip!  It made it all worth it for her!