I’m thankful for….Me?

I admit, it was a little foreign to write it down on the paper leaf with the Bible verse on the other side that said “every good and perfect gift” came from Him.

But, at the same time, there was a quickening in me that just knew I had to.  Because I was fighting it again.

You see, we women, mothers, daughters, and sisters — it’s not that we don’t get selfish and sinful and self-obsessed and needy.

It’s just sometimes we think the gift we give is what we do, and that’s it.  And that the gifts we give can only be good if they are compared with other gifts and found to be more.  But the gift…it really is– who we are.  Beloved. Because knowing that you are a gift– remembering this– destroys these questions of worth that cycle me around like the laundry, spinning all the motivation and compassion right out. Because this:  I can only love, if I first know I am loved.  And He said it right there! “We love because He first loved us.”  And the liar is always roaming around looking to eat those words before they take root in me.

And is this the very problem with us?  How did the blushing of the cheeks when called beautiful and loved turn into a barricade of protection against that which would save me.  Acceptance.  Again the Gospel quiet shouts the simplest and most profound message.

And, if my Father is dancing over me– if it’s my name and your name engraved across the lines of his Mighty Hand;  If His banner over me is love– if His delight is in me…

Then, I am thankful, truly thankful…for me.

…And I hand her the pen, this daughter learning and watching like a hawk.  She writes it too, unblinking.

As a family we are writing our daily thanks each night at dinner!  On these leaves that we hang on our “thanksgiving tree”!  Great idea from Mrs. Voskamp!  Just copy the URL below and  paste it in your address bar to see and print for yourself!!